GTA 5 APK v5.0.21 DATA Download Free for Android

The developer of GTA 5 APK is Rockstar, and it has a history in the gaming industry. The first game of the Grand Theft Auto series launched in 1997. And later on, GTA vice city and GTA San Andreas were released. Grand Theft Auto series is very famous worldwide because of its game story and quality graphics.

This game series has inspired a generation and whole generation of grownups playing this game. After the success of previous games, developers announced to launch of GTA 5. After a long time of preparation, the masterpiece GTA 5 was released. Initially, GTA Five launched for Xbox and PlayStation in 2013.

Fans of this gaming series waited for the release and then welcomed GTA 5 all around the world. Because of its high-quality graphics and features, a performance system and requires a graphic card on a Windows PC. But you will be amazed to hear that you can play it on your android phone, and you don’t need to root your device.

You need an android device to run this game with four GB RAM and a CPU of two cores. Most Grand Theft Auto Five lovers are disappointed because they don’t have high-performance devices; they cannot play this game on their system. Now for the ease of players, we have this game for the android platform to break this myth that you can’t install GTA Five on android phones. The exciting feature of the GTA series is the game map in which you have many things to explore.

Same as Grand Theft Auto 5, the players are curious about the plot and map of the game and want to explore this game. But the game map is wide so; there is much fun and adventure to explore it. You will use brand-new cars to explore cities in the game.

We specifically say it adventure genre game, but in reality, it is the combo of racing, shooting, action, and adventure. You will enjoy racing on brand new supercars, and you can use weapons for shooting and robbing banks and explore the game plot.


What is the Game Story of Grand Theft Auto Five?

It is the story of three young criminals Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. They are wanted to police because the player performs illegal activities. Michel was a bank robber from the East Coast, and he had a deal with an FBI agent. Trevor was a criminal, and he is a friend of Michael’s. Franklin was a street gangster.

They want to give up the life of a criminal, but the situation compels him for a robbery. Somehow they escaped from the crime scene, but the rest of the world understands that they are dead. Michael and Trevor separated from each other because of this incident.

Dramatically Michael and Trever find each other because security agencies FBI wants Michael to do specific tasks against the opponent agency. You will do missions in a team in which you will control a character. And other characters in the will work automatically according to your actions, and each character has a different task to execute in the game. In this way, these three main characters complete missions in the game to get rid of troubles in their lives and earn money.



It is a feature in Grand Theft Auto that you do not stick to the game missions all the time; when you play this game. It is an open virtual world; you can perform other activities of your desire instead of sticking to the game missions. If you are tired of game missions, then; you can get into sports cars and enjoy racing with them.

You can skip progress in the game missions and explore the game map. Enjoy beautiful landscapes in the game. You can test weapons and shooting to reduce frustration. You will experience all the activities the same as in the real world.


Realistic Graphics and Sound Quality

It is the cause of the popularity of Grand Theft Auto Five players love its realistic graphics. It is a complete virtual world based on physics principles. The players feel involved in an action movie. Game objects like characters in the game; cars, buildings, and infrastructure have realistic designs. So that all the game scenario and interface feels realistic.

The flying experience of choppers and plans is the same as the real, the drive of supercars and heavy bikes. Players enjoy the battle scene with enemies because fights are thrilling and enthusiastic. The sounds are synchronized accurately with the movements of objects in the game. For example, you will race a car; the sound of the engine and the sound of Tyres with drifts gives a thrill, and the quality of background sounds is the same as in the real world.


Interesting Game Missions

It would be interesting for you that the game story of GTA Five takes between thirty-one to thirty-two hours, and it includes sixty-nine game missions to complete the game story. Each game mission has a connection with the upcoming game mission.

And game missions have links with the other characters of the game. Player’s wants to complete one another game mission because of curiosity in the game story, and game missions are enthusiastic for players. Not only game plot and graphics players also love the joyful game missions.



Application Name GTA 5 APK
Application Version Beta V5.0.21
Type APK
203.93 Mb,101.36 Mb
Root Require No Need
Supported Operating System Android
Developer MikeGaming YT

Download GTA 5 APK 5.0.21

Download GTA 5 APK 5.0.21 (OBB)


How to download and install Grand Theft Auto 5?

It is a simple procedure, and you can get the apk file of GTA Five from the download page. Click on the button to start the downloading, and then allow the unknown resources to install the app in security settings. If you have download the APK file, then open it and click the install button. It will take time; successfully install the application on your device. Click on the game icon; it will further download OBB files and data. After the completion of this process, you will be able to play this game.

Do we need to root the device for GTA Five?

No, it is a myth. You don’t need to root the device to download GTA Five.

What are the requirements to play GTA Five on Android?

You need a performance android device that must have 2 GB RAM and the CPU 2 core.