Grand Theft Auto v Gta 5 Apk v2.2 Gta Mod Visa Android

Games are the source of pleasure. when someone gets bored so in this era he almost prefer to play game to spend the spare time. Games are not to take serious these are the just way of getting enjoyed in free time. One of the top ranked games is GTA V.


Action_ adventure Game:

GTA V was launched in late 2013 in the month of September. It is developed by Rock star North and it is published by Rock star Games. It’s first series started in 2008 by the launch of GTA IV. Firstly it was available on computers. But now a days this game is available for downloading in android without any problem and hardness.

After some journey in GTA V Rock star studio release it for Mobile phones etc.

San Andreas, Vice City and GTA III are some smartphone video games of the GTA series. These smartphone video games of GTA series can’t support All the features of GTA due to the Higher graphics and top quality of GTA. So these video Games can’t provide the better earnings to the Rock star game studio. Later these can’t get the focus of Rock star studio.
The developers created and released GTA V port on Android and in this way everyone is able to download it through Google Play easily.


Beta version of GTA V:

With the use of GTA V many problems comes in front of us. In this way we are discussing about the beta version of this game. The beauty of the beta version is that it’s Software file is not missing in google play so we have to download it in the form of APK files.


High quality graphics of GTA V:

GTA V has very high quality graphics that is why still it has been used on computers with complete features which work properly. Additionally you can
observe it that if we use even top class smartphones we can’t get its features because even a best smartphone can’t support this game very well. We can increase the frame rate to the optimal values through the settings. In short if our smartphones have more RAM then the GTA V Will work with better results. Higher the RAM higher Will be the working rate of GTA V.


Application Name Grand Theft Auto v Gta 5 Apk
Application Version v2.2
Requires Android 4.4 and up
21.1 MB
Root Require No Need
Supported Operating System Android
Developer Rockstar Games





When you play this game then according to me you will feel that this is not a video game but the video of a real life story of any person. Simply all the daily routine works which a man perform in daily life Work is able to perform in the GTA V.It has very descent type machines, vehicles, roads and boats etc


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