Gta 5 Mobile Apk 2.2 Download For Android Latest Version 2021

Gta 5 Mobile is created by David Jones and Mike Daily. It is a series Of action adventure games. It is developed by British development house Rock star North and published by its parent company Rock star Games.

The whole theme of the game is created as a virtual City. The real Game map encompassed the three cities. The City in the game is created on the structure of the New York city San Andreas.

The whole game is a compound of traveling, running, walking, stealing, fighting, killing and completion of missions. The missions in the games are arranged in a particular Rankings. For example a mission is given to player at a particular place having a fixed location.

In a mission the player have to travel by using different vehicles. Player have to travel for miles and during this travel the player have to cross different stages like killing of gangsters, stealing and buying weapons, stealing different vehicles, many gadgets including the life packets for the player. Player also get money in the game by killing people and stealing.

In this way the player completed his mission. Missions are arranged in a series one by one. We can also play without any mission.

When the game start the player travel to city. When he reached the city there he met his friend. And they both arrange an other man and they form a gang of three people’s. After this they start mission to earn money. The got the mission From where they get more and more money.

Mission is followed by starting from a particular place and reach at a particular place and during this killing some armed man, getting some gadgets, using vehicles and stealing things.

The gamers familiar and have played the past version of GTA like GTA IV know very well the story line of the Game. They almost all features of Games. For example jumping from a plane also jumping From hills and mountains, getting vehicle, searching helicopter ,tank and boats etc.

The thing which provide the extra enjoyment is that the game has very high HD graphics This thing attract the gamers more.

The mission in the game act as a backbone of the game. This game is very easy but not much easy as it seems. All the features in the games are top class but one thing that goes against it’s game play is that the gamers should have to travel very longer distances during any mission.

We can’t take any short cut way during the mission. The mission provide us a particular route during the mission and we have to follow that instructions provided by the game to complete mission.

Gta 5 Mobile Apk


Application Name Gta 5 Mobile
Application Version V2.2
Type APK
Root Require No Need
Supported Operating System Android
Developer Rock star Games

Gta 5 Mobile Apk

How We Can Download GTA V:

If you want to download then click the download button which is given below. You can also download it’s file in your pc.


How We Can Install GTA V:

Go to the file which you have downloaded and press the file to install it in your phone. Sometimes in the settings the installation from unknown sources is blocked. Go to the setting and allow installation From unknown sources. After this you can Install it in your phone.

Let’s play and enjoy.

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